> Mission, Strategy & Tactics

  • Reduce anti-social behavour, scooter, motorbike and auto crime
  • Reduce truancy from schools
  • Reduce peer pressure to offend or re-offend
  • Reduce isolation and exclusion, and the most important one of all…
  • Increase self-esteem, self-confidence, personal achievement and employment potential

SPARKPLUG's initial strategy will be to engage hard to reach young people with motorbike riding, youth clubs, outreach work and accredited courses – and then seek to get them into more formal training and onto employment.

Although initially focusing on scooters and motorbikes, its longer term approach will be to broaden its range of activities to include exposure to all aspects of the motor industry.

To achieve our mission, SPARKPLUG will provide regularly scheduled events to allow kids to use their leisure time more constructively and educationally.

The events will be led by a dedicated staff, who understand the problem these kids face and can both empathise and mentor them.

We will provide alternatives to simply hanging-out that will help develop a sense of direction and a greater sense of self-belief, self-confidence and exposure to things outside their normal realm of activities.

  • Riding sessions
  • Repair and customizing sessions
  • Accredited courses
  • Trips to experience various elements of the motor industry
  • Specialized driver training
  • Provide positive role models to counter peer pressure to offend or reoffend
  • Invite/encourage parental involvement
We will engage with the parents, carers, and other related agencies as we know they too want to and can help ensure these children have a bright and positive future.