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Everything You Need To Know About Aurora Token

Aurora Chain (AOA) is on a mission to create a brilliant blockchain world with fast working contracts that facilitate easy blockchain application development.

The team strives to enable businesses from different industries to cooperate using the distribution of a fixed supply of the underlying AOA currency as a means to ensure the speed and functionality of the consensus engine.

As such, transactions can be performed quickly from a delegated proof-of-vote equipped with Byzantine fault tolerance to improve interactive consistency within the system.


What is the Aurora Token (AOA)?

Aurora is a dedicated peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform that was created to make the blockchain industry more colorful by facilitating the quick and easy development of blockchain-based applications.

The system was created with a mission to paint the blockchain industry in new colors that share a striking resemblance to polar lights. Essentially, the Aurora platform addresses a number of challenges faced by different industries.

Since the platform went live, it has mainly attracted a few specific types of industries.

Some of them include the video game industry, where the Aurora system can be integrated as an in-game currency.

After integration, all parts of the game would be converted into tokens, including game data, its rules and game accessories.

Tokens also have the potential to be exchanged by the parties involved.

Other industries that could use Aurora networking in their systems include artificial intelligence systems and big data processing.

The system can be used to link synergy and security, eliminating the use of centralized networks, as they have proven to be a problematic mode of communication between nodes.

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How does the Aurora Token (AOA) work?

The Aurora Network was created to attract a wide variety of systems.

The network can provide solutions so that cluster complexities are created at the same time, while less resources are consumed for the process.

In general, it uses the consecutive operation of several circuits at the same time, leading to a horizontal expansion of the network.

This, by extension, increases your productivity through synchronous radiation. The network also offers a solution to the multiple asset problem associated with the speed of cryptocurrency operations as well as the release of electronic assets.

The Aurora system is controlled by an intelligent system that allows applications to work separately and token transactions to work smoothly.

These token transactions are usually trade-related, where Aurora tokens are traded with other cryptocurrency pairs such as Bitcoin and USDT to generate profits for AOA holders.


Who are the founders of Aurora (AOA)?

The creator of the Aurora Network has a pseudonym based on ancient mythology.

The name is basically a combination of the names of German-Scandinavian gods: the supreme god Odin, Frigga, his wife and their son Balder.

As such, the rune words Fe, meaning the constant growth of wealth, became the currency symbol.

The name of the piece, on the other hand, was a tribute to the Northern Lights of Iceland.

The currency was founded in 2018 and has seen tremendous growth in its system over the years, especially in Iceland. After their release in Iceland, their tokens were distributed to approximately half of Iceland’s total population through their ID numbers.

The creators of the system hoped to integrate cryptocurrency into local and international markets through this process.

The company’s plan worked and the currency entered circulation, but Icelandic residents who received it did not realize the true value of their virtual assets.

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Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS)
A myriad of projects use dPoS, including EOS, BitShares, Lisk, and ARK. In a dPoS system, each token holder votes for nodes that create new blocks.

This mechanism differs, for example, from proof of work, in which miners create new blocks.

On Aurora, all token holders can vote on proxy nodes that aggregate transactions (i.e. create blocks). There are 101 proxy nodes on the network at any given time.

To become a proxy node candidate, you need to have 5 million AOA, the Aurora token.

The only way to become a proxy node is to hold over 5 million AOAs and be voted on by your peers.


Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT)

The other half of Aurora’s consensus puzzle is BFT.

The project uses this mechanism to avoid bifurcations and streamline the consensus process.

To achieve double consensus, the Aurora blockchain leverages a stereo P2P network to overlay the network and transmit information between nodes at different link lengths.

Other Notable Features
Some of Aurora’s additional features include:

1. Pending zone – By placing verified transactions into a pending zone, Aurora can segregate different smart contracts and dApps so that bloated ones don’t clog the entire network.

2. Scalable Blockchain – Aurora uses an LLVM compiler to assemble blockchain code with smart contracts to provide seamless updates without the need for forking.

3. Cluster clustering – nodes can enable an automatic clustering feature to form clusters for transaction verification. This reduces storage costs for users.

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What is Aurora Differential (AOA)?

The Aurora system was mainly created to solve a number of problems in the fight against the blockchain industry.

It does this with the intention of linking different aspects that span across its blockchain platform, which is powered by smart contracts.

In addition to serving as a development lab and launch pad for decentralized applications, it also integrates IoT into its system.

According to Aurora Network developers, the platform is intended to serve as the foundation for the future of decentralized IoT systems.

This objective also encompasses transactional benefits as well as the promotion of collaboration between independent devices.

The network also offers its participants a high level of data management and overall security.

In doing so, it bridges the gap between two important technologies in the wider cryptocurrency world.

Ecosystem and characteristics

1. AuroraDev Application Integration R&D Platform – Blockchain integration development IDE with support for multiple development languages.

2. AuroraDist Decentralized Application Delivery System – Multi-Party Build, Intelligent User Portrait, Accurate Delivery.

3. AuroraDex decentralized exchange – Accelerating the flow of valuable assets between the traditional economy and the crypto-economy.

4. Aurora Channel – Aurora Eco’s underlying public grid network provides a commercial-grade technology platform for a variety of industries.

5. Themis Consensus Mechanism – Benefit from advanced security and superior processing power with a focus on maximum fairness.

6. Scalable Blockchain – Automatically update the chain while waiting for community voting results to drive suggested updates.

7. Multi-Chain Parallel Network – Open parallel chain network compatible with multiple consensus systems.

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AOA token

The Aurora Network came to market at the best possible time due to the nature of the services offered by the platform.

In the early stages of its development in January 2018, an initial currency offering was made for the currency.

After the ICO sale, a total of $6 million was raised before the platform went live. In total, the maximum supply of the Aurora cryptocurrency token is limited to 10,000,000 9,975,060,788. After the ICO was completed, most went to the white public, the founding member, and the team that shared the remains.

There are currently a total of 1,000,000 AOA tokens in circulation.


Is the Aurora Network (AOA) secure?

The Aurora network was created according to the specifications of Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard and is secured under its umbrella consensus algorithm.

The network is also protected by a delegated proof-of-consensus mechanism designed to reflect representative democracy.

The delegated proof-of-bet system allows network participants who hold AOA tokens to vote by wagering their coin balances.

The power of each voter on the network is also determined by the amount wagered, implying that, for the most part, those who invest the most in the platform will have a bigger voice in the issues that arise.

In addition to its DPOS measurement, the network is also protected by the Byzantine Fault Tolerance Optimization System. According to the network, the implementation of BFT should serve as a tool to facilitate increasing the speed of individual transactions.

To achieve this, the platform must be able to execute multiple transactions simultaneously while maintaining the highest level of scalability.

By combining two systems to provide a high level of security, the platform also offers other advantages to its participants. Some of these benefits include:

1. Greater energy efficiency
2. The easiest way to identify fraudulent network activity.
3. Equitable distribution of rewards.

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Where to buy Aurora (AOA)?

AOA cryptocurrency can be traded on the following exchanges:

1. KuCoin
2. Coinone
3. Bitglobal
4. Indodax


Conclusion On Aurora Metaverse

This project still has a lot to prove.

In the race to become the best smart contract platform, this project is far behind most competitors. But the delay at the start can be an advantage.

The team has the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of more advanced projects and hopefully not make them themselves.

Even though it’s in its infancy for the Aurora Network, its unique consensus mechanism should be reason enough to at least watch it.

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