Debunking the Myths: Is Cardano's Hydra Scaling a Success or Failure?

Charles Hoskinson, one of the people who helped start Cardano, wants everyone to know that Cardano’s Hydra is doing just fine. Some people have been saying bad things about it, but he says it’s been working well, and the Cardano community should feel good about it.

Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Cardano, talked about some worries and misunderstandings about the Hydra project. He recorded a message on a Wednesday to make things clear and honest. 


He also wanted to clear up any rumors that said Hydra can’t handle a lot of transactions. Hydra is a special way to make Cardano work better, and it started working on the mainnet in May. It’s all about making Cardano better at handling a lot of transactions.

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Highlighting What Cardano Can Do

Charles Hoskinson wanted to clear up some misunderstandings about Cardano. Some people were saying Cardano couldn’t handle transactions quickly. 

To prove them wrong, he showed a chart that said Cardano could handle about 1,000 transactions per second (TPS). 

But he also said that this number doesn’t tell the whole story about what Cardano can do. He explained that the goal of Hydra, which is part of Cardano, had changed over time to do even more than just handle transactions fast.

Instead of just trying to do as many transactions as possible, the project’s main goal now is to make tools that help developers build really cool things on Cardano. 

They want to make it easier for people to create all sorts of stuff on Cardano, like NFTs, trading, and smart contracts that can do complicated things. 

It’s all part of Cardano’s plan to support lots of different things that happen both on and off the blockchain.

Hoskinson also pointed out that Cardano has a special way of doing transactions called the “extended UTXO model.” This lets Cardano handle more complicated transactions with many parts, which makes it different and unique compared to other blockchains.

We have the best way to use rollups for a long time. Why? Because when you use a UTXO model like ours, it’s much simpler than the system with accounts and all the complicated stuff in it,” he explained.


Addressing Misinformation

Hoskinson also talked about some problems where people are spreading wrong information and doubting Cardano. He wants the Cardano community to be careful and check the facts before believing these claims.

He said, “When someone tells a lie, it takes a lot of work to make people forget it. So when people say things like ‘Hydra failed’ or ‘they lied about Hydra,’ they’re not being fair. Many people have worked hard on this, and it’s not right to spread false information.”

 Hoskinson also reminded everyone that Cardano is built on solid research, reviewed by experts, and it gets contributions from a lot of people all around the world. He wants everyone to know that Cardano’s future is still very bright, and they’re always working to make it even better with new and creative ideas.

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