HCL Technologies, a top tech company in India, has teamed up with Business Finland, which is like Finland’s official group for business and investments. They made a special deal together that they announced on Wednesday. What’s this all about? Well, they want to work together to make things better in three important areas: clever artificial intelligence, space, and super-smart quantum technology. This is a big deal because it means they’re joining forces to make cool new things happen in the digital world for everyone around the globe.

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Empowering Startup 

This partnership is like opening a door for Finnish companies and tech startups. It lets them share their cool ideas and solutions with big global businesses through HCLTech’s special Innovation Network, called eSTiPTM. 

This network is like a big group of more than 1,500 startups, 14 people who invest in new ideas, 16 groups that help with trade, and five schools from all over the world.

HCLTech has been working with companies in the Nordics (that’s up in the northern part of Europe) since way back in 2008. They’ve been helping these companies make big changes in how they use technology and make their work better. 

Now, with this new partnership, they’re even more connected in the Nordics and can get early access to the newest and coolest ideas coming from Finland. It’s like being in the front row for all the exciting stuff happening in tech.

Driving global technological advancements

HCL Technologies and Business Finland are teaming up to help startups get better at using new technology. They’re going to work together on projects that will give startups important information and the latest trends in these new technologies. This way, startups can get better at showing their cool ideas to the whole world and compete with others on a big stage.

Kalyan Kumar, who is the top tech person at HCLTech, is really excited about this partnership. He says it’s crucial to make sure that the smart solutions startups create match what customers need. That way, the business world can keep evolving and stay exciting.


More Companies Like: 

Infosys, another big IT company, is growing its presence in the Nordics, which is up in the northern part of Europe. They’ve just set up a new place in Oslo, Norway, to get closer to their customers there. This place is like a special center where they help local people learn new skills so they can work on important global projects. These projects use super-smart technology like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G, and software engineering.

Also, Infosys did something really interesting. They bought a part of Danske Bank’s tech team in India, which is a Nordic-based bank. This move happened after they signed a big contract worth $454 million with the bank. So, Infosys is making big moves to be a strong player in the Nordics and all around the world.

Tech Mahindra, a big IT company, has a special part called Makers Lab that’s all about research and development. They created something really cool called QNxT in Helsinki, Finland, last year in April. This place is like a super-smart hub for quantum computing.

Finland is really good at quantum computing, and Tech Mahindra wants to use that knowledge to make quantum computers even better and help people use them in business all around the world. The QNxT center’s main job is to teach people, do research, and test new things in quantum computing. It’s like a super-smart school and lab for the future of computing.


At Last

Juuka Holappa, who works at the Finnish embassy in Delhi and is in charge of Business Finland in India, said that companies like HCL Technologies are really important. They help Finnish startups grow and become known all around the world.

Business Finland wants to use this partnership to show off the amazing technology that comes from Finland to HCLTech and its clients. This way, they can tell everyone that Finnish startups are some of the best in the world when it comes to technology in different industries. It’s like putting a spotlight on Finland’s tech talent.


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