Metakings Presale Metaverse

Metakings presale metaverse

Let’s Discuss the Metaking presale Metaverse includes: Metaking Airdrop, Metakings token, and Metaking AI.

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What is Metaking?

Metaking is an AI-based play-to-earn game.

In Metaking players get awarded tokens and NFTs for their outstanding performance and to contribute to the ecosystem of Metakings. 

The gameplay of the Metakings games is based on the games like PUBG with combat weapons. 

By winning NFTs and meta, token players can easily invest in the Metaking presale Metaverse which is usually known as $MTK meta token as a cryptocurrency. 


Players also use the $MTK token to play the games and to take the participation in the battles. 

$MTK Token is also used to enhance the characters and many more things in the Metakings. 

The game also made use of a metaverse, which gives other developers access to Metakings’ environment to create new tools and experiences.

Metakings has an available NFT market which helps the players who want to trade in the NFTs and Avatars

But a 15% tax is included in the gaming metaverse for each transaction; it is imposed by the metakings.


Let’s so Go deep into the Metaking presale Metaverse


What is Metaking Presale Metaverse?


In essence, the Metakings Presale Metaverse is an intelligently run cosmos or it is driven by Artificial intelligence.

The Metakings presale Metaverse accepts the token $MTK in form of cryptocurrency, which allows the player to perform in the Metaking world. 

In this pioneering artificial intelligence video game, players assume the role of explorers setting out into the cursed kingdom of Kunion.

It used Binance smart chain to secure the long-term viability and the scalability of the metakings.

Furthermore, An formal airdrop operation was started by Metakings, via which 40 million MTK tokens will be given away.

Each token of $MTK is worth $40. 

You must meet five requirements in order to sign up for the airdrop program.

By putting BNB in your Metakings wallet, you might also invite your friends to take part in the presale metaverse for Metakings. 10% of the deposited BNB can eventually be earned from this presale by having a large following.


The value of Metakings (MTK), ranked #7288 in the cryptocurrency market, climbed by 0.640000 percent to $0.762417 during the course of the previous day.

the present trading on 1 exchange and has a market capitalization of $0. The Year of the Metakings will be renowned as a result of this! Additionally, a Measuring Years.


Presale IDO Details of Metakings presale metaverse

Amount Token

100,000,000 $MTK – 20% of Total Supply


500 BNB


2000 BNB

Max Spend Per Account 

20 BNB

IDO rate


Pancakeswap listing rate


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What is $MTK Token?

Metakings $MTK

In Metakings, artificial intelligence rules the earth. By keeping a constant online connection and fulfilling their environmental commitments, everyone can receive rewards like tokens and NFTs.

Participate in the conflict, gather resources, grow as a person, and acquire more real estate.

The most ambitious pre-selling goals frequently result in increases of 40–50% in new business and 80–90% in recurring revenue.

These numbers highlight how much larger the pre-bargaining process was than anticipated.

The Meta Token, a brand-new blockchain-based token, will power the Metaverse 2 stage. Meta, an ERC20 token, is accepted as payment for goods and services by customers.

On the Metaverse 2 platform, customers can barter for goods and services, most notably Meta.


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Why you should use the $MTK token in Metakings presale metaverse?

By employing meta tokens, platform users can receive rewards for their engagement. META tokens, which can be utilized to buy goods and services on the system, can be used to award prizes.

The game will place a strong focus on NFT trade and commerce, with participants attempting to improve respective societies and economies through the acquisition and sale of NFTs.

A 15% evaluation fee will be applied to any inputs from the business sector to any of the above trades’ designs, with the money raised going into the Prizes Pool.

Metakings want to make a $MTK as a default token to use in the metaverse universe, Customers are permitted to use any appropriate expression to convey the cost of their NFT. In the Commercial area, a depleted naval force is ineffective.

In addition, Meta or $MTK provides a secure space to store their currency and avatars and making easy for users to invest in the Metakings platform. 

Not to mention, Meta offers a rewards program and a reliable platform because it values its clients.

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What are the games in Metakings presale metaverse?

Metakings is a battling world where everyone can acquire tokens by being instinctively ready and carrying out their responsibilities to the biological structure of the planet.

The mechanical mind has restricted this world. The players can participate in the conflict, gather supplies, create characters, and construct a land-based empire.

Outcast designers have complete access to all craftsmanship resources and Metakings genetic data to build their own mechanical assembly and experiences in the Metakings Metaverse.


Token Distribution of $MTK

Total Supply






Game Rewards


Referrals & Bounties









FAQs Related to Metakings

Who is the founder of Metakings Token?

Metakings token founded by the Chistopher Gasca. Another co-founder of Metakings is Rodney Sekareck.

Is MetaKing listed on Binance?

Not now, Metaking is not listen on Binance.

How much is Metakings Coins?

Metakings coin current price is $0.0002748.

Where is Metakings Listed?

Metakings token are listed on the Pancakeswap.

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