Metaverse Events To Attend In 2023

The idea of metaverse events may sound straight out of science fiction. But don’t get me wrong. Metaverse is “fully” in development and still very much experimental. But it is open and accessible to anyone who wants to try it. Virtual reality (VR) headsets are the most obvious way to enter the metaverse.

But augmented reality (AR) devices and even things like game consoles, smartphones and computers can access it. When you join the Metaverse, you will experience a barrier-free virtual 3D space. People from all over the world can come together in this virtual world. In doing so, they discover a new universe that is still active and allows for fully immersive experiences. It is essentially a parallel digital world that often mirrors the physical world.

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What defines an object as a metaverse phenomenon?

Metaverse events can be loosely defined as a gathering where people discuss collaborations, discoveries, and work related to the metaverse.

These events mainly focus on the current and future work in a big way regarding the business opportunities. Acquisitions of companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Facebook have demonstrated the importance of the metaverse. Experts expect it to be an $80 billion business by 2024.

A target or subject cannot define the events of the metaverse. Rather, they are best explained by the event and the intention of those present.

The Gathering must involve the use and development of the Metaverse to qualify as a Metaverse event.



Metaverse Summit – Virtual and San Jose– Economist Impact

Date: January 12, 2023

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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METAVSUMMIT holds a special place among Metaverse events. It has a strong mission statement that focuses on two important themes. And it’s this organized focus that really defines it in the larger world of metaverse conferencing. The first element is education. METAVSUMMIT serves to educate people about Metaverse technologies. These include Web 3.0 technologies such as AI, blockchain and extended reality.

Second, METAVSUMMIT aims to bring together people from different areas of Metaverse development. This includes software developers, hardware designers, and people in other engineering professions.

But it also includes entrepreneurs and investors. This meeting of people from different but related disciplines is the ideal platform to forge new professional partnerships.

The MetaVesmit itself is part of over a decade of active development in the UAE. And the final METAVSUMMIT will be held at the Dubai World Trade Center Exhibition Hall.


2. #Enterprise Metaverse Expo

Enterprise Metaverse Expo

Date: February 17, 2023

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

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The Enterprise Metaverse Expo at ITEXPO gives you the chance to experience the latest advances in a variety of metaverse-related topics. 300 expected exposures guarantee that you will find a perfect match for your own passion.

But in addition to the broad scope, the exhibition also emphasizes Metaverse’s expertise and experience at the enterprise level. Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC and chairman of the conference, describes the enterprise-level metaverse with five pillars.

These are B2B shopping, collaboration, training, digital twinning and expanded visual workspaces.

Of course, the expo pays a lot of attention to other game-changing elements of the metaverse as well. Some of these topics include artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, augmented and mixed reality, 5G, and blockchain.

All this makes the extensive #TECHSUPERSHOW exposure and experience one of the metaverse events that is sure to educate, entertain and provide a wealth of business opportunities.


3. #Exposure


Date: March 4, 2023

Location: Miami, Florida, United States

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The Metaverse events are all about the future. And expos are a chance to examine the technologies that are shaping our vision of the future. Attendees can see where technologies like NFTs, Web 3.0 and larger blockchains are headed. But the incident also highlights the human element that shapes all of these concepts.

The exposé welcomes over three hundred speakers and offers four different stage spaces.

But that too is just the tip of the iceberg. It is also home to over a hundred exhibitors and high-tech immersive experiences.

But don’t worry about getting overwhelmed. The expos are organized to ensure that people can participate in the experiences that matter most to them.

There are presentation rooms, booths and spaces for more involved networking – fast-paced areas and quiet spaces for relaxed discussion. The event is then crowned by a spectacular party.

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4. #IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interface

IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality

Date: March 29, 2023

Location: Shanghai, China

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The IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces is an example of Metaverse events with a specific focus on 3D environments. The Metaverse is spread across a wide variety of different mediums.

Everything from 3D visualization to NFT art is part of the Metaverse. And it can be accessed through 2D media such as laptops or game consoles. Some elements of the Metaverse, such as the Metaverse blockchain, are not directly observable by most users.

The metaverse is a vast expanse where the same data can often be viewed in different ways. But the IEEE conference focuses on the metaverse as a 3D environment.

Convergence can provide extraordinary specialization by focusing on one form of the metaverse. And phenomena also depend on the metaverse itself to provide its various services. IEEE conferences are provided completely online so everyone can participate.


5. #AI VR Japan Conference

AI VR Conference Japan Date: 21 u/i 23 July 2023 Location: Kumamoto , Japan

Date: July 23, 2023

Location: Kumamoto, Japan

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The AI VR Conference is a metaverse event that seeks to bridge the gap between AI and virtual reality.

Both of these subjects are related to the Metaverse. And the three-day event aims to highlight the enterprise use cases where they all intersect.

The theme of the conference will cover almost every imaginable take on these topics. And the presenters of the event come from a variety of research positions.

The event will bring scientists, engineers and researchers together to educate and speculate on a variety of topics.

The conference is the perfect place to learn how these disciplines work together. And it’s also the perfect place for metaverse companies to discover the potential that comes from merging them with VR or AI strongholds.

This makes a perfect opportunity for two specialist areas with lots of potential to further broaden your horizons.


6. #DeFiCon

DeFiCon Date: August 2023 (The exact date is not available yet) Location: Bushwick Brooklyn, USA

Date: August 2023 (Exact date not yet available)

Location: Bushwick Brooklyn, USA

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Most people know that the Metaverse can do a lot of good for a lot of people.

But DeFiCon takes that mission to the next level. This is one of the Metaverse events that emphasize the philosophy behind Metaverse, DeFi and peer-to-peer crypto.

As such, it is a non-profit company with non-employee founders. DeFiCon can be considered as much a charitable fundraising event as it is a metaverse event.

DeFiCon members see peer-to-peer crypto as an evolution of human organization.

Not just for specific people but for the whole of humanity.

This philosophy also means that DeFiCon is open to anyone who wants to be a part of it. And all participants are united under the big banner of a common cause.

Plus, all proceeds from the event are donated to charity. DeFiCon inspires people to create a better tomorrow by improving the present.

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Metaverse events and Metaverse norms come together into a singular whole
Cooperation is a common theme in various events in the Metaverse. But you might be surprised to learn how important this topic is to the metaverse.

Many of the biggest names in metaverse development have come together under the banner of the Metaverse Standards Forum.

And in a way, it is one of the most important metaverse events. The purpose of the group is to foster discussion and collaboration to make the Metaverse systems work together.

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The idea behind the deluxe Metaverse – the one that requires a headset – is an immersive 360-degree digital world. You will have your own avatar, which you can design, and you will own digital assets, the securities of which can be registered on a blockchain. Some think you’ll buy digital land and build houses online, in which you can entertain your friends (or at least their avatars). Others see a smoother experience. No virtual home needed.



What is a metaverse event?

A metaverse event is a gathering where people come together to discuss and work on topics related to the metaverse, including the development of technologies like AI, blockchain, and extended reality.

What are some examples of metaverse events in 2023?

Examples of metaverse events in 2023 include METAVSUMMIT, Enterprise Metaverse Expo, and Exposure. These events take place in different locations around the world and offer attendees the chance to learn about and experience the latest advancements in the metaverse.

How can I attend a metaverse event in 2023?

To attend a metaverse event in 2023, check the event website for details on registration and ticketing. Some events may require a ticket purchase or personal information, such as your name and email address, to register.

Do I need special equipment to attend a metaverse event?

Some metaverse events may require you to have access to specific equipment, such as a VR headset, in order to fully participate. Other events may be accessible through a computer or other device. Check the event website for equipment requirements.

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