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The Metaverse is a virtual universe where people will interact with each other using digital avatars. This world will be created from different technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, social networks, and cryptocurrencies.

This strong demand for an untapped market has prompted companies like PixelVerse (PIXEL) to create a platform for communities and creators within the Metaverse NFT ecosystem.

The entire game can be kept in the system RAM of a computer thanks to PixelVerse’s 2D engine.

Because of this, PixelVerse is accessible to everyone in the world, regardless of computer capabilities or means of support. PixelVerse may be played flawlessly on any device, including a mobile one.

The metaverse’s future lies in pixels, right? Yes, the future of metaverses lies in pixels.

Since pixels are the simplest type of controllable computer images, they have the smallest storage requirements. PixelVerse won’t be one of those increasingly popular AAA games that take up more than 60 GB of space; instead, it will take up less than 300 MB.

Do not be deceived by the apparent simplicity of pixels; they enable exceptionally skilled artists to exercise complete control over their designs without being constrained by contemporary 3D engines.

How PixelVerse Works

1. PixelClout

Pixelclout allows established artists, creators, and communities to claim their pages and tokens to provide VIP rooms or discounts to holders on their NFT sales. BitClout has a tool for interested investors to convert influencer interests into investable assets.

Social Integration – Metaverse land is designed for content creators and owners. By using 3D space based on Cartesian coordinates, the virtual terrain in PixelVerse will be limited in space. Platform users will be able to buy spaces to do almost anything.

Personal Customization – Breeders are rewarded with 10% Breeder Tokens to balance control of Breeder Tokens. Breeders can customize the benefits of keeping Breeder Tokens, such as revenue share from NFT sales.

Private Experience – Not all users want to have a virtual experience with millions of users. PixelVerse allows users to have personalized private spaces that will allow participants to have fun with their close friends and family.


2. PixelLaunch

PixelLaunch allows Metaverse-themed projects and businesses to raise funds.

PixelLaunch sets new standards and methods for decentralized fundraising in a multi-billion dollar market.

PixelLaunch allows businesses to raise funds with native tokens or digitized items via NFTs, enabling immediate liquidity instead of traditional equity investments or crowdfunding.

Creative ideas have guided the development of human society for centuries and beyond. PixelLaunch is a decentralized and secure crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between the crypto and non-crypto worlds.


3. PixelBuild

PixelBuild allows content creators to easily create, customize, and convert artwork as non-fungible tokens.


4. Application

PixelVerse’s main app allows artists to easily publish their works as NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Users can easily browse NFTs to start collecting rare NFTs.


5. Technology

PixelVerse uses a custom blockchain gateway to interact with different smart contracts to allow users to issue cross NFTs.


PixelVerse Token (PIXEL)

At the time of publication of this article, the PixelVerse (PIXEL) cryptocurrency is trading for 0.36 USD. The PIXEL token boosts the economy of the PixelVerse platform. Users can use PIXEL for governance, payments, mining, and farming.


The Future Of Pixel

The low system requirements for PixelVerse allow our game developers to put more emphasis on content and functionality rather than graphics, which is what really matters in a metaverse.

Have you ever observed how recently released games simultaneously forego game features while gaining ever-improving graphics? The Elder Scrolls Series is a prime illustration of this.

The community regards Morrowind as legendary because it is filled with diverse factions, lengthy quest stories, various talents for each weapon, and imaginative dungeons.

The realism of each successive game after that was released was enhanced, but each successive game also eliminated many of the skill trees, factions, and powers.

This tradeoff for realism is widespread in the modern gaming landscape, therefore The Elder Scrolls series is not unique in this regard.

The fact that many games choose to be as realistically rendered as possible graphically alienates many potential gamers owing to rising system requirements and the removal of features that fans adore only serves to exacerbate the issue.

Being pixel-based allows PixelVerse to address this problem. It has a lot more features than a large AAA game like Skyrim and can run many adversaries at once with elaborate magical effects and animations.

It is fairly easy for PixelVerse to add new features; just add the necessary functionality and animation. The capacity to cut down trees for wood, a crucial resource for construction in PixelVerse, is one illustration of this.

If we were concentrating on realism, this function would not be available, even though it is crucial to the PixelVerse environment. Due to the actual game obstacles, the development would take substantially longer.

People frequently play games to express themselves creatively and without the constraints of reality. Players can easily be who they want to be because of PixelVerse’s distinctive art style.

You can watch this video for more information


NFT Market

According to PixelVerse, the platform will have the lowest sell rates in the industry at just 1.25% to attract more artists to the NFT marketplace. 50% of the fee will be sent to a reserve wallet to redeem and burn PIXEL tokens.

On NFT Marketplace PixelVerse, users can buy many virtual lands. In this virtual terrain, users can have complete customization of the virtual terrain. Additionally, Genesis Land users will enjoy PIXEL benefits.

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