Reason Behind the Avalanche (AVAX) Rising Today

Lately, a lot of people who like cryptocurrencies have been paying more attention to social media platforms that work in a different way. It’s because these platforms are getting more popular.

Now, there’s a new social media app called Stars Arena that works on the Avalanche network. This app has made a big impact and has caused more people to use the AVAX cryptocurrency. Even social media influencers are joining in, which is making AVAX’s price go up. It’s like a big party on the internet!

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Impact of Star’s Arena on Avalanche Network

The new app called Stars Arena, which works on the Avalanche network, has made a big impact. It’s like a new playground on the internet, and people are having a lot of fun there. This has also made the price of AVAX, the cryptocurrency for Avalanche, go up a lot. People started noticing Stars Arena in late September, and since then, it’s been getting a lot of attention. It’s like a new star in the online world!

On October 4, the Avalanche network had a really busy day with 577,000 transactions happening. This was the most activity they’ve seen in the past three months. It was mostly because of Stars Arena.

In the last day, Stars Arena itself had 454,000 transactions and 12,000 people using it actively. It’s like a big online party where you can use AVAX tokens to do different things, like getting into private chats with other people. Unlike, Stars Arena has a place where everyone can share stuff publicly, so more people can use it.

But, there have been some problems reported by users, like bugs and not enough information about the people behind the app.

Even with these issues, Stars Arena is part of a bigger trend. There are other apps like Alpha, Friendzy, and PostTech on different networks doing similar things. But right now, is still the leader in this space.

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