SenseGlove Raises €3.25M in Series A Funding Round

SenseGlove, a Dutch XR haptic gloves manufacturer, has raised €3.25 million ($3.5 million) in a series A funding round to boost the development of its SenseGlove Nova product line aimed at the enterprise market.

Lumaux, a Dutch venture capital company, led the funding round, increasing the company’s total outside investment to approximately $6 million. Prior to this, Forward. One and Value Creation Capital had invested in the company during previous funding rounds.

The newly secured funding by SenseGlove will be utilized for the development of their haptic SenseGlove Nova gloves, as well as to expand their product line and open a new office in the US.

SenseGlove’s haptic gloves allow natural interaction with virtual reality (VR) and enable muscle memory training through the simulation of virtual object size, stiffness, and impact.

Dutch venture capital

The company’s technology has been implemented across various industries, including healthcare, training, and manufacturing. The compact wireless design and combination of force and vibrotactile feedback of the haptic gloves predominantly cater to enterprise customers.

SenseGlove has collaborated with over 500 partners, including Cambridge University, Honda, Fraunhofer, Siemens, and Airbus, along with prominent entities such as P&G, Volkswagen, and the Royal Dutch Army.

Although primarily focused on enterprise customers, the SenseGlove Nova haptic gloves are also available for purchase directly from the company website. Interested buyers can purchase small quantities of Nova for €5,000 (~$5,400), while larger quantities may be purchased at a reduced price by contacting the company directly.

To learn more about the functionality of SenseGlove Nova, users can refer to the hands-on review conducted by Road to VR content partners Cas and Chary VR in 2021.

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