UAE Launches AI-Powered Metaverse for Remote Medical Exams and Tests

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Quick Points

  • The Ministry of Health in the UAE has introduced a metaverse platform for medical specialists and consultants. 
  • This innovative solution will enable the remote administration of medical exams and tests. 
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence, professionals conducting the exams will monitor the movement of the candidate’s face and eyes to detect any unauthorized assistance.


By introducing a cutting-edge metaverse experience for experts and consultants in the healthcare industry, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has once again grabbed the lead in technological breakthroughs.

This innovative discovery will enable medical examiners and specialists to perform virtual, remote medical exams and tests.

The program introduced by the UAE’s Ministry of Health will enable experts to conduct remote assessments utilizing AI technology.

The AI will monitor a candidate’s facial and eye movements, enabling it to spot any unapproved assistance during the exam.

This will guarantee that medical examinations are carried out in a secure and reliable manner, enhancing the validity and accuracy of outcomes.

There are various advantages to both medical personnel and patients from this creative application of metaverse technology.

The method reduces the need for in-person exams for medical professionals, lowering their risk of contracting infectious diseases and making it simpler to conduct exams from a distance.

This will increase the effectiveness and convenience of medical examinations and provide medical practitioners more time to concentrate on other crucial responsibilities.

The metaverse experience provides patients with a secure and practical substitute for conventional in-person exams. Patients can save time and avoid the stress and bother of travelling to a medical centre by performing medical checkups and testing from the convenience of their homes.

The UAE’s dedication to technological breakthroughs and enhancing healthcare services is demonstrated by the debut of the metaverse experience for specialists and consultants there.

The initiative will transform how medical examinations and testing are carried out thanks to its cutting-edge technology and creative methodology, benefiting patients, medical professionals, and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, assistant undersecretary for the Health Regulation Sector at the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), commented on the programme on Wednesday and said it will be helpful in supporting consultants’ and healthcare workers’ medical assessments.

For instance, if the doctor is in Australia or another nation and there are three examiners, they will all log on to Metaverse and begin the examination regardless of where they are located in the United Arab Emirates.

The three doctors from the UAE will be in their respective hospitals, but they will participate in the metaverse panel as a group.

This gets rid with the difficult process of getting travel authorization to the UAE to take the tests. The Gulf country has been testing individuals from other countries for more than eight years.

While some of them were able to complete the exams online, other experts and consultants were required to travel to the UAE for the in-person interviews.

This initiative comes after the ministry’s earlier launch of Metahealth, a customer service based in the metaverse. Amiri claims that Metahealth, which debuted in January 2022, has had great success.

With an immersive examination procedure, the ministry hopes to expand on its previous achievements.

“We opted to employ metaverse for tests and interviews because we recognised a need to broaden it to aid healthcare practitioners.


At Last

By introducing this cutting-edge metaverse experience for professionals and consultants, the UAE’s ministry of health has once again proven that it is a global leader in technical innovations.

This innovative discovery will enhance the accuracy, convenience, and effectiveness of medical examinations and tests while also raising the standard of healthcare in the UAE.


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