What is Metaverse? How Metaverse can change world


27 Jan 2023

In the Metaverse, Users can purchase, construct, and explore NFT-based land parcels in this 3-D virtual environment using the Ethereum-based MANA coin.

Metaverse Market Size Expected to Hit 5.8 Trillion by 2030

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Fortnite. The well-known online video game from Epic Games provides a realistic metaverse-like setting with an immersive digital gaming and social arena.

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When Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta in October 2021 and declared plans to invest at least $10 billion in the idea that year, "Metaverse" became a household term.

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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are expected to have a significant impact on the usability and acceptance of the metaverse. Based on the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, NFTs are a secure class of digital asset.

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Metaverse Future

In a study conducted in 2022 in collaboration with Elon University's Imagining the Internet Center, 624 technologists, corporate executives, and activists were asked to assess the potential influence of the metaverse by the year 2040.

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