Sad News: Colum Carey, a Resident Loved by Floral Park Community, Passes Away in an Apparent Suicide

In sad news from Floral Park, New York, the community is deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of Colum H. Carey, a beloved resident, who died by apparent suicide.

Colum, 51 years old, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, January 12, 2024. His death has left everyone in the community feeling very sad. People remember him as a person who was liked and respected by everyone.

Colum Carey’s passing has made the community very sad, and many people are sharing condolences and nice things about him. He leaves behind his very sad wife, Kelly, and many family members, friends, and neighbors who loved him.

His unexpected death shows how important it is to have help for mental health and support in our communities. It’s a sad reminder that even people who seem very strong can be going through difficult times silently.

As we feel sad about losing Colum Carey, our thoughts are with his wife Kelly, his family, friends, and everyone who is feeling the impact of this sad news. The community of Floral Park will remember Colum for the good things he did during his time with us.

We hope Colum Carey can rest in peace, and we want his story to remind everyone about the urgent need for easy-to-find mental health help for everyone. If anyone is having thoughts of suicide, it’s important to talk to a mental health professional or someone they trust. You are not alone, and there is help available.

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