Lantana, FL Mourns the Loss of Mike Napolitano: A Tribute to a Local Resident

Lantana, Florida Mourns the Passing of Beloved Resident Mike Napolitano at 67

Lantana, FL, January 12th – The community of Lantana is saddened by the loss of Mike Napolitano, who peacefully departed at the age of 67 after a brief illness. Widely cherished in his community, Mike was recognized for his warm spirit and unwavering affection for his family and friends. Additionally, he was a devoted Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, finding joy in cruising alongside his fellow bikers.

What achievements and contributions can be attributed to Mike Napolitano?

What achievements and contributions can be attributed to Mike Napolitano?

Mike Napolitano led a remarkable life characterized by a strong sense of passion and purpose. Born to Buddy and Sheila Napolitano in New York City, he earned a degree in business administration from St. John’s University. Initially working as a financial analyst for several years, he later transitioned to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist.

In 1998, Mike joined CNN, assuming the roles of senior editor and senior columnist. Throughout his tenure, he extensively covered a diverse range of topics, including politics, business, entertainment, sports, and culture. His prolific writing resulted in the creation of numerous articles for both CNN’s website and magazine. Over the years, Mike Napolitano emerged as one of the most respected and trusted voices within the media industry.

Additionally, he forged a prosperous path as an author, penning numerous bestsellers across a spectrum of genres including history, science fiction, humor, and memoirs. His literary works garnered widespread critical acclaim and resonated with readers globally.

Beyond his literary pursuits, he actively engaged in philanthropy, dedicating his efforts to various charitable causes and organizations. His contributions extended to supporting initiatives in education, healthcare, human rights, environmental protection, and animal welfare. Demonstrating his commitment, he made substantial donations to renowned charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Red Cross, the Humane Society, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Greenpeace, among others.

How did Mike Napolitano choose to spend quality time with his loved ones?

Mike Napolitano cherished each moment spent with his family, having shared over 30 years of marriage with his wife, Mary Napolitano, and raising three children—Michael Jr., Jennifer (Jenny), and Matthew (Matt). Residing in Lantana since 2010, they found joy in moments at their beach house and shared the thrill of riding motorcycles together.

In addition to his family, Mike maintained close friendships with those who shared his interests and hobbies. Whether at local bars, restaurants, or embarking on road trips across the country or abroad, he relished the company of his friends. Known for his infectious smile and a ready joke that never failed to elicit laughter, Mike created an atmosphere of joy wherever he went.

An avid reader, Mike delved into various genres and authors, exploring literary works from countries such as France, Japan, India, Brazil, and beyond. His passion for reading extended to sharing his insights, as he enjoyed writing reviews and articles about the books he encountered, eagerly recommending them to others.

What expressions of sympathy have been shared by others?

The impact of Mike Napolitano’s presence was deeply felt by those who knew him personally, professionally, or from a distance, leaving an irreplaceable void in their hearts.

A few expressions of condolence from others include:

“Mike was an amazing person who inspired me with his courage, creativity, and compassion. He was not only my boss but also my mentor and friend. I will miss him dearly and always remember him fondly. Rest in peace, Mike.”

“I am heartbroken by the news of Mike’s passing. He was one of my favorite writers and columnists who always delivered insightful and engaging stories that made me think and feel. He had a gift for words that captivated me and millions of others. I will miss reading his articles and hearing his voice. May he rest in peace.”

“Mike was a wonderful man who had a zest for life and a love for his family. He was a devoted husband to Mary and a caring father to Michael Jr., Jenny, and Matt. He always made them his priority and gave them his best. He was also a proud grandfather to his four grandchildren who adored him. He was a role model and a hero to them. He was a joy to be around and a blessing to have in our lives. We will miss him terribly and always love him. Rest in peace, Mike.”

How can we pay tribute to his memory and continue his legacy?

Napolitano’s legacy, marked by excellence, generosity, and kindness, resonates in the hearts of those who held him dear. His wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity, evident in his articles and books, serves as a lasting source of enlightenment and entertainment.

To honor his memory and legacy, we can emulate his example by living with passion and purpose. Supporting the causes and charities dear to him allows us to make a positive impact in the world. Keeping his spirit alive involves engaging with his literary works, sharing them with others, and perpetuating the valuable insights he imparted.

Mike Napolitano, a remarkable individual, led an extraordinary life. A legend in his professional field, as well as among family and friends, he remains a bright light and an enduring star. His life mattered, and his memory will be cherished. In our collective remembrance, Mike will be missed but forever remembered.

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