Like Flowers in Sand Episode 9 Release Date, Recap, Ending Explain, Plot, Spoilers, Time, Where To Watch & More

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 9: Among the popular Korean dramas, ‘Like Flowers in Sand’ narrates the intertwined lives and romances of childhood friends Baek-du and Yu-gyeong. The duo, separated for two decades, reunites in their hometown of Geosan. This drama seamlessly blends elements of romance, mystery, and sports, featuring Baek-du, a former taekwondo champion who retired amidst scandal, and Yu-gyeong, a police officer investigating a series of murders connected to match-fixing. Applauded for its authentic depiction of rural life, engaging plot twists, and the compelling chemistry between the protagonists, the show has garnered acclaim.

The series is presently being broadcast on ENA, a South Korean cable channel, and is also accessible for streaming on Netflix, where it has amassed a global fanbase. With a total of 10 episodes, the ninth installment is scheduled to air on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 9 p.m. KST. For those eagerly anticipating insights into the upcoming episode, here’s a comprehensive overview encompassing the release date, time zone, countdown, potential spoilers, storyline details, ending explanation, viewer ratings, expectations, a cast and characters table, episode names, and a concise recap. Caution: spoilers lie ahead!

Release Date for Episode 9 of ‘Like Flowers in Sand’

Release Date for Episode 9 of 'Like Flowers in Sand'

Episode 9 of ‘Like Flowers in Sand’ is scheduled for release on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 9 p.m. KST on ENA. The customary release time is 3:00 pm (BST), although this timing may occasionally vary. Presently, no changes to the schedule are expected. To keep track of the time remaining until the episode airs, you can refer to the countdown timer provided here.

For viewers on Netflix, a bit of patience is required, as episodes are typically added a few hours after the initial broadcast. The anticipated release time on Netflix is approximately 11 p.m. KST or 2 p.m. (BST). You can consult the Netflix schedule here to determine when the episode will be accessible in your region.

Are there any spoilers available for Episode 9?

Are there any spoilers available for Episode 9?

In Episode 9 of ‘Like Flowers in Sand,’ the narrative unfolds from the previous episode, where Mi-ran, Baek-du’s ex-girlfriend, divulged a secret to him and Yu-gyeong. She disclosed that she is the daughter of the taekwondo coach who was murdered two decades ago, returning to Geosan to unearth the truth about his death.

Displaying a bag filled with money received from Choi Chil-seong, the recently deceased gangster, Mi-ran shared that Choi had confessed to being responsible for her father’s demise. He expressed a desire to disclose the identity of the actual perpetrator, but his demise left Mi-ran grappling with more questions than answers.

Mi-ran implored Baek-du and Yu-gyeong to aid in unraveling the mystery, but they declined, citing personal reasons for staying aloof. Baek-du remained haunted by past traumas, while Yu-gyeong grappled with conflicting emotions towards him and her duties as a police officer.

Yet, the inescapable connection between the unfolding truth and their own lives, as well as those of their loved ones, prompted a change of heart. Realizing they couldn’t turn a blind eye, they resolved to collaborate with Mi-ran to uncover the perpetrators behind the murders and match-fixing.

What plotlines does the series explore?

What plotlines does the series explore?

The ninth episode is poised to depict how Baek-du and Yu-gyeong navigate familial and societal pressures as they delve into their investigation. Confronting their own emotions, they must decide whether to endure unhappy marriages or follow their hearts and be together.

The episode will unveil additional clues and secrets surrounding the murders and match-fixing, bringing them closer to the truth. Can they solve the mystery and secure justice for the victims? Will they overcome obstacles to find happiness together? To discover the answers, one must tune in.

Meanwhile, in Geosan, rumors swirled about Baek-du and Yu-gyeong’s relationship after a friend spotted them together at the bus terminal. Gossip spread rapidly, becoming the talk of the town. Baek-du’s family harbored suspicions, with his mother cautioning against infidelity.

Baek-du and Yu-gyeong endeavored to appear normal, but their emotions for each other were unmistakable. They also grappled with interference from their spouses, as Baek-du’s wife, Hye-jin, grappled with jealousy and insecurity, while Yu-gyeong’s husband, Hyeon-wook, harbored frustration and anger.


The trailer for Episode 9 of ‘Like Flowers in Sand’ is available on YouTube [insert link]. Offering a glimpse into the forthcoming episode, the trailer teases suspense, drama, and romance. Viewers can expect the main characters to navigate family and societal pressures, pursuing their investigation amidst the unfolding events.

They will also need to confront their own emotions and decide whether to endure their unhappy marriages or follow their hearts and be together. The trailer unveils additional clues and secrets about the murders and match-fixing, drawing them closer to the truth. The trailer concludes with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating the next developments.

Where to Watch ‘Like Flowers in Sand’?

Where to Watch 'Like Flowers in Sand'?

Episode 9 of ‘Like Flowers in Sand’ is scheduled for release on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at 9 p.m. KST on ENA. You can catch the episode on the channel if you have access, or watch it online on the official website [insert link]. To view the episode, you’ll need to sign up and log in.

For those tuning in on Netflix, a bit of patience is required, as episodes are typically added a few hours after the initial broadcast. The expected release time on Netflix is around 11 p.m. KST or 2 p.m. (BST). Watch the episode on Netflix [insert link], where a subscription and an account are necessary.

Ending Explanation of Episode 9

The conclusion of ‘Like Flowers in Sand’ Episode 9 remains undisclosed, as the episode is yet to air. However, based on previews and prior episodes, some predictions and expectations can be made. The ending is likely to be a cliffhanger, given the drama’s reputation for suspenseful and shocking twists.

The conclusion will probably feature a significant revelation or confrontation that alters the trajectory of the story and the characters’ lives. It could relate to the true culprit’s identity, the motive behind the crimes, or the fate of the main couple. The ending will also lay the groundwork for the final episode, providing a satisfying conclusion for viewers.

Ratings & Reviews

Like Flowers in Sand’ has garnered positive reviews and ratings from both critics and viewers. The drama is lauded for its authentic portrayal of rural life, gripping plot twists, and the chemistry between the leads. It has also attracted attention for its social commentary on issues such as corruption, violence, and discrimination.

The series has consistently achieved impressive ratings on ENA, reaching a pinnacle of 6.8% in its eighth episode. It has also gained significant popularity on Netflix, securing a position among the top 10 shows in various countries, including South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines. On MyDramaList, the series holds a rating of 8.1/10, while on IMDb, it has earned a score of 7.8/10.

What are the expectations for Episode 10?

What are the expectations for Episode 10?

Anticipation for the tenth episode is running high as the drama approaches its conclusion, leaving viewers eager for answers to lingering mysteries and the resolution of romantic storylines. Expectations are set for a captivating and gratifying episode that fulfills the promises made by the drama, ensuring viewers remain engaged until the very end. There is a collective hope for a positive outcome, particularly a happy ending for Baek-du and Yu-gyeong, who have weathered significant pain and hardship. Viewers are rooting for them to surmount obstacles and find joy in each other’s company, believing they deserve happiness and love.

Cast and Characters

The cast and characters of Like Flowers in Sand are as follows:

Lee Joon-giBaek-du
Kim Ji-wonYu-gyeong
Kim Min-jaeHyeon-wook
Han Ji-minHye-jin
Park Bo-youngMi-ran
Kim Sung-kyunChoi Chil-seong
Lee Sung-minBaek-du’s father
Kim Hye-sooBaek-du’s mother
Park Seo-joonBaek-du’s brother
Kim So-hyunBaek-du’s sister
Lee Jong-sukYu-gyeong’s brother
Kim Go-eunYu-gyeong’s sister-in-law
Lee Min-hoYu-gyeong’s nephew

Episode Names

The episode names of Like Flowers in Sand are as follows:

1Episode #1.1
2Episode #1.2
3Episode #1.3
4Episode #1.4
5Episode #1.5
6Episode #1.6
7New Day, New Incident
8Remember, Don’t Remember
9Episode #1.9
10Episode #1.10

Brief Recap of Episodes 1-8

Episode 1 introduced us to the main characters and their backgrounds. Childhood friends Baek-du and Yu-gyeong, both passionate about taekwondo, grew up in Geosan, a small countryside town. Baek-du, a promising athlete, had numerous competition victories.

In Episode 2, despite attempts to avoid each other, Baek-du and Yu-gyeong kept crossing paths in town. They discovered they were neighbors, with Baek-du’s family residing next to Yu-gyeong’s brother’s house.

Episode 3 saw Baek-du and Yu-gyeong deciding to communicate and resolve past issues. They apologized for mistakes and agreed to be friends, but their undeniable attraction led to a shared kiss.

In Episode 4, Mi-ran’s revelation that she was the coach’s daughter and the sight of money from Choi, who confessed responsibility for her father’s death, left Baek-du and Yu-gyeong shocked.

Episode 5 marked the beginning of their investigation, revealing a mysterious figure orchestrating events. They uncovered a secretive organization using the flower tattoo as a symbol, engaged in illegal gambling and match-fixing.

Episode 6 had Baek-du and Yu-gyeong confronting Baek-du’s father about the flower tattoo and match-fixing. Despite denial, he claimed to be a victim of the organization.

In Episode 7, a new clue led them to a warehouse where men with flower tattoos hinted at the organization’s headquarters. Deciding to sneak in, they aimed to find evidence.

Episode 8 saw Baek-du and Yu-gyeong successfully escaping the warehouse, engaging in a physical confrontation to break free.”

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