Matthew Haynes, a student at North Carolina State University, has passed away in what appears to be a case of suicide

The communities of North Carolina State University and Waynesville, North Carolina, are grappling with the tragic loss of 21-year-old student Matthew Haynes. His lifeless body was discovered in his student accommodation along Dixie Trail, suggesting a case of suicide.

Matthew Haynes was more than just a student; he was a beloved member of both the NC State University community and his hometown of Waynesville. His sudden departure has sent shockwaves through these close-knit communities, prompting an outpouring of condolences and tributes from friends, family, and faculty members.

The news of Matthew’s passing has shed light on the prevailing mental health crisis affecting young adults and college students across the nation. It stands as a somber reminder of the crucial need for mental health resources and support systems within academic institutions.

As we mourn the premature loss of Matthew Haynes, our sympathies reach out to his family, friends, and all those deeply affected by this heartbreaking news. The university community and the town of Waynesville will cherish the memory of Matthew for his contributions and the positive impact he made during his time among us.

May Matthew Haynes rest in peace, and may his story serve as a poignant reminder of the immediate necessity for accessible mental health services for everyone. We implore anyone grappling with thoughts of suicide to seek assistance from mental health professionals or trusted individuals in their lives. Remember, you are not alone, and help is within reach.

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