Who is Orlin Home? Birthday, Age, Height, Net Worth, Parents, YouTube, Siblings, and Family Biography

Orlin Home- Birthday, Age, Height, Net Worth, Parents, YouTube, Siblings, and Family Biography

Orlin Home

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Who is Orlin Home?

Orlin Home

Orlin Home is a popular food blogger and YouTuber known for creating videos about food. He’s married to Nikocado Avocado, another well-known YouTuber. Orlin, being gay, has openly shared his life with his husband, Nikocado.

However, things got confusing for fans when, on July 6, 2022, Orlin announced their breakup. Some people even speculated that something worse had happened to Nik.

Orlin Home Biography

Orlin Home

Orlin Home is a food blogger and food video creator who is married to Nikocado Avocado a YouTuber. Orlin being a homosexual has been sharing his love life with his husband Nikocado. But on July 6, 2022, he officially released to the media that he and his husband Nick had broken up. But after his statement fans of Orlin were commenting on his official post that they didn’t believe him and guessed that he may have killed his husband Nick.

But again on 13th July 2022, Orlin Home posted one more statement stating that his husband is alive. He shared that his husband is keeping himself away from social media due to some personal issues that they both are having in their relationship.

Orlin Home Birthplace, Education & Lifestyle

Orlin Home

Orlin Home, a YouTuber, hasn’t shared much about his personal life. Until now, not many people knew where he was born. Today, we’re revealing that Orlin was born in Columbia, South America, on May 19, 1992, making him 30 years old. Interestingly, his real name is Rodrigo Gonzalez. However, information about his early life and education is still unknown to us.

Orlin Home Relationship

Orlin Home

Orlin Home joined a special Facebook group for vegan guys. There, he met Nicholas Perry, also known as Nikocado Avocado (Nick), who made Mukbang videos too. They became friends and messaged each other a lot on Facebook. They decided to meet up in New York City, and during the meet-up, Nick joked that he wore a fancy suit to serenade Orlin. This meeting marked the start of their relationship.

They traveled together in Central America, and later, Orlin moved from Colombia to the United States. Nick, also known as Nikocado Avocado, is a famous Ukrainian-born American YouTuber. He’s known for his funny and dramatic Mukbang videos, and lots of people follow him on YouTube. In 2021, he had more than 5.3 million subscribers and 1.15 billion views on his five YouTube channels.

Orlin and Nick got married on April 10, 2017, at Chick-fil-A. In December 2019, Nick had some issues with Stephanie Soo, a Mukbang collaborator.

Orlin Home Wikipedia (Age, School, NetWorth)

Real Name Rodrigo Gonzalez
NicknameOrlin Home, Jasper, Potato Head
Age (as of 2024)32 years old
DOB19 May , 1992
Profession Youtuber
Martial StatusN/A
Youtube ChannelOrlin Home
Starting Youtube 2019 to Present
Education Graduate
Sun SignTaurus
Yotube Subscriber295K
Income $56 Daily , $400 Weekly , $ 1400 Monthly
Net Worth $ 60k
Hieght 5 Feet 7 Inch

Orlin Home Siblings, Family, Girlfriend & Relationship

Orlin Home

In April 2017, Orlin got married to his boyfriend, Nikocado Avocado, who makes content on YouTube. But now, they are not together anymore. In 2022, Nick shared on Instagram that they broke up, but he didn’t say why. They first met in 2016 at a social event and later started dating.

Orlin Home, who is also a YouTuber, hasn’t talked much about his family. However, he once mentioned his sister. Our research shows that Orlin has one sister named Mari Home. Mari was born in Queens, New York, and now she lives in Spain. She works as a Pediatric Nurse and Lab Technician. In her bio, Mari shared that they were raised by a single parent, their mother, who gave them the love of both a mother and a father. There’s even a video where Orlin’s sister, Mari, appeared on his boyfriend Nick’s YouTube channel.

Orlin Hoe has been married to Nikocado Avocado for the past six years. They are both gay and used to live happily together until their breakup on July 6, 2022. Before the split, Nick regularly appeared in Orlin’s YouTube videos. Speaking of Nick, he is also known for making Mukbang videos and has a larger fan following than Orlin on his YouTube channel. Nick has 898k followers on his YouTube channel.

Nikocado is Ukrainian and was born on May 19, 1992. The couple first met in a Facebook group.

Orlin Home Net Worth

Orlin Home

Discussing Orlin’s earnings, our research suggests that he makes an average of $60 per day, $371 per week, and $1,401 per month. This indicates that Orlin, the entertaining YouTuber, likely has an estimated net worth of around $660,000 USD, which he has accumulated over the past three years.

Facts About Orlin Home

  • Orlin loves noodles.
  • Nikocado Avocado’s partner has 285k subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • Orlin has 567 followers on Instagram.
  • He really likes wearing caps and has a cool collection of them.
  • Orlin Home is from Colombia.
  • He’s a famous YouTuber and social media influencer.
  • His hobbies include traveling, eating, singing, dancing, reading books, and cooking.
  • Orlin is an animal lover and has a pet dog.
  • His favorite cuisines are Italian, Spanish, German, and Mexican.

Who is Orlin Home?

Orlin Home is a YouTuber who makes food-related videos on YouTube.

When was Orlin Home Born?

Orlin was born on 19 May 1192 and his age is now 32 years as of 2024.

What is Orlin Home’s net worth?

Orlin Home’s net worth is $660k.

Where does Orlin Home live?

Orlin Home lives in Colombia.

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